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Product Conversion digitizes your brick-and-mortar financial products into ready-to-transact online formats. The conversion process can incorporate product information, rates tables, riders, policy documents, fillable fields, and knock-out medical questions into your product. FutureBright can convert any financial product to on-line, regardless of complexity or specificity. Our cutting edge solution delivers your product to its intended on-line point-of-sale within two weeks (one-tenth the industry average), at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, our hosting database is fully compliant with SAS 70II and PCI regulations, ensuring that your converted product is safe and secure. 


  • Geared to creating a completed transaction in one session.
  • Speed to market plus lower product conversion cost equals higher ROI.
  • Strengthens your online strategy and helps gain a competitive edge.
  • Ideal for new product launches or developing new profit segment from existing product pool.
  • Offer convenience to brokers and direct clients to retain and increase sales.
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